About Us


Quadra Management Consulting is an international consulting firm based in Italy and Brazil. We specialize in the Automotive and Energy industries, and cross-border M&A between Brazil and Europe. 

Quadra’s Brazilian office of assists European companies wanting to enter one of the most interesting emerging markets, and Brazilian companies that aim at developing competitive strategies in the European Markets. 
Brazil offers great opportunities and an institutional framework that promotes technology transfer and industrial investment, which may take the form of direct investment, Joint-Venture or Acquisition.

One of the topmost international receptors of foreign investment, Brazil ranks among the world's largest consumption and durable-goods market – not least for cars, energy, food, pharmaceuticals, real estate and luxury goods. 

Brazilian consumers’ attitudes are similar to Europe’s, an opportunity for Italian industry - but market entry must be approached with adequate preparation. In Europe, Quadra is at the side of Brazilian entrepreneurs seeking growth in the global arena. A strong Real offers unprecedented opportunities for targeted cross-border M&A strategies: production capacity, brands, distribution networks, technology have rarely been so affordable. Brazil’s growth is linked also to the Country’s ability to be an effective  global player: looking at Europe is an option to be considered carefully. 

Quadra is the reliable and knowledgeable partner for Market Entry plans and for enhancing the Brazilian presence of Italian firms. An effective "last mile” companion for sustainable growth.


Quadra's services are tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur seeking practical solutions – exploiting opportunities and solve problems – quickly and cost-effectively.
We set measurable targets for all our assignments, in terms of performance and value generation.

We focus on the European and Brazilian markets.

Brazil is the emerging economy more akin to Europe, in terms of consumption patterns, lifestyle and eating habits. But the Brazilian market is shaped by a complex structure of trade, legal and regulatory barriers which must be known and taken into account by any new entrant.
Competitive scenario and distribution structure are undergoing quick concentration – the key players for the future of Brazil are taking position now – addressing the future market structure requires adequate preparation and expertise.

Europe is an attractive market for Brazilian companies searching for the global dimension.
Numerous medium-sized European companies incorporate desirable technologies, skills, brand and commercial structures and may turn into effective partners or acquisition targets.
A promising setting for value generation, through joint ventures, industrial agreements or acquisitions.