There are two basic types of competitive advantage:
cost leadership and differentiation.
Michael E. Porter, Competitive Advantage


The entrepreneur's job is to generate value.
Competitive advantage accrues when Companies create value for their customers.
Quadra's promise to our Clients is to help them creating value in a sustainable manner.

Quadra's project Teams are normally small groups of senior professionals, working together with the Client as a team. We believe that effective consulting service is based on the experience and the specific skills of our people - and the best quality of an expert consultant is to hand over the the consultant is to pass the baton to the customer quickly.

Quadra consultants have proven experience in the industries in which we operate.
Our approach and style is collaborative, we focus on an effective transfer of skills to the Client Team.

The Brazilian office of Quadra focuses on assistance to Market Entry across industries, by way of internal growth or acquisition.

Our approach goes down to providing for "Last Mile" assistance with the material requirements of a solid presence in a large, growing market.
The Brazilian market holds arguably a promising potential for Italian industry: many are the many affinities between cultures and consumer behaviors.
Yet the apparent ease of contact may often lead to underestimation of the challenge – a superficial approach that hampers results and frustrates success.
For us at Quadra, being the Last Mile Partner means being able to assist our clients in developing strategies and plans, but also in concrete and specific tasks which may in the end be the key to success – selecting an investment location with the comfort of a fully defined picture of the relevant fiscal and financial opportunities, choosing a Partner or identifying the right professional advisor without wasting time and money.

Brazilian Industry features groups of global relevance, such as Embraer, Petrobras, Vale do Rio Doce, Pão de Açucar, aside of large Agribusiness Firms that feed a significant share of the world market. Brazil holds natural resources which are largely unexplored as yet – new and massive deposits of oil and gas were found only a couple of years ago. The banking system incorporates some of the largest and most profitable players in the global market, their strengths and skills honed through difficult, high-inflation years and now engaged in a rapid process of concentration.
Alongside giants, Brazilian medium-sized companies holding strong positions in the large local market may be desirable partners for joint ventures, industrial agreements or growth through acquisitions.
For all, the appreciation of the Real is a strong motivation to look to Europe in search of opportunities for growth through acquisitions.

Creating value by developing competitiveness: this is the role of Quadra.