The fourth world market in size, Brazil is also the main production platform of the South American continent.
In a market of mostly first-time adoption, demand is mainly motivated by product, access to credit and distribution coverage. Yet even in Brazil we are beginning to witness the trends already experienced in Europe and the USA: the relevance of services and parts for Dealer profitability and Customer loyalty, the need for a closer management of territorial coverage and of all types of business potential. Alignment of operating standards and management processes across Dealer networks is key in this respect.

For Parts and Garage Equipment Manufacturers, the Brazilian market offers prospects for growth and profitability, clearly linked to the ability to transfer know-how and product technology.
Real competition exists between the states of the Brazilian Federation, aimed at attracting qualified investors. This is expressed in programs supporting industry settlements and Joint Ventures with technology transfer.

Quadra's "Last Mile" package allows to directly approach the relevant Interfaces and quickly access the information needed to evaluate Industrial settlement decisions and develop concrete, realistic and detailed Business Plans.

For OEM Manufacturers, Quadra offers solutions developed in Europe in years of work on hundreds of cases of Dealerships of various Brands and sizes.
Our programs for enhanced Dealer profitability, improved Customer satisfaction, better sales and marketing effectiveness, or planning and coaching of Dealer generational succession are based on a systematic use of benchmarking as a basis for process and organizational improvement.
Best Practices for anticipating and leading change.