Now firmly among the top 5 global markets, with demand exceeding 3.5 million units/year and growing, Brazil is a net exporter of Cars, Trucks, Agricultural and Earth-Moving Equipment.
Installed Manufacturing Capacity for cars and light trucks exceeds 4.3 million units / year and fresh investment for more than $ 11 bln is announced for the years 2011-12.
Major OEM's have fostered a solid network of supplier factories around their main plants – this has brought about active competition for investment among States of the Federation, with São Paulo, Paraná and Bahia now displaying a real Auto industry calling.

First-tier dealers of the major OEM's are experiencing a prolonged bonanza of first-adoption market, spurred by expanding welfare and access to consumer credit.

Soon enough the market will experience evolutions already known elsewhere, with pressure on new cars and spare parts margins – and services will come to the forefront of the toolkit.

A serious Federal program of annual roadworthiness/technical testing ( provides a comprehensive protocol for inspections and maintains a lively demand for Garage Equipment, both in the OEM and After Market channels.

All in all, Brazil is the key market and the production platform for the South American continent, a huge potential for Italian industry and technology.
Quadra supports a number of European leaders on the way to an effective and profitable presence.