Best fit for the Italian Industry


Quadra has chosen to focus on the European and Brazilian markets.
Because Brazil is the emerging market closest to Italy, for lifestyle and consumer attitudes.
The Italian community in Brazil has earned respect and consideration, many of Brazilian industry's leaders have Italian origins, many of Brazil's traditions were evolved on Italian roots.
In Brazil, we assist our Italian Clients down to the '"Last Mile".

We know opportunities and challenges of the market, we engage in assisting those who want to actually deal with it successfully.

In Europe, we assist our Brazilian Clients with the ease of the insider: scouting for opportunities to grow through acquisitions and agreements - and competent advice in the negotiation and post-acquisition phase.

Quadra Solutions are focused on the different phases of Market Development:

  • Market Analysis
  • Business Environment Analysis (Specific Duties and Tariffs, Relevant Product Certification and Liability regulations, etc)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Distribution Analysis (Structure, Margins, Coverage)
  • Market Entry Planning
  • Sales and Marketing/Distribution Development
  • Organisational Development and Executive Search
  • Joint Ventures: Short-Listing of potential partners, siting, Professional Identification media specialist
  • M&A: Target Scouting, Business Due Diligence, Negotiation Assitance
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Industrial Development: Industrial Turnaround and Rightsizing of existing entities
  • Financial Planning, Debt Restructuring.