Distribution and Dealers


Independent distribution networks play a crucial role in the Automotive Value Chain. Automakers truly need profitable Dealers - although the latter sometimes seem to believe that the opposite is true.

Manufacturers want strong, independent partner to manage their customers.
Automakers' Balance Sheets would be embarrassingly heavy is one were to consolidated global Dealer stocks in them. In the Industry's early age, when owning a car was a luxury for a happy few, there existed were only direct sales and service outlets. Nowadays, all Manufacturers want to create and nurture lasting relationships with independent Dealers that liquidate the stock of spare parts and cars at a known time, meet the standards of identification and representation and interpret the Manufacturer's marketing policies on a local scale.

Independence but full alignment: it may sound paradox, yet it is a good description of the Dealer's role.
The consultant called to enhance the effectiveness of such a partnership typically focuses on operating standards and management processes, and in order to be effective must be able to attain real impact with Dealer personnel: this is only done through visible Industry experience and competence.

Once considered the King Midas of the automotive sector, Dealers have long been under pressure especially in mature markets. Heavy investment, margin compression, declining volumes in a weak market.
Dealer performance can improve only by improving the yield from all types of territorial potential, and focusing on becoming a competitive Service Giver – survival and prosperity iare linked to the satisfaction of Customer needs.

In emerging markets, strong growth in demand for first-time adoption does not prevent the emergence of basic needs: to strengthen Dealers' financial soundness, developing good Customer Service and using this as a means to achieve loyalty and conquest - and develop and protect the present and future Customers base.

Quadra The team's experience places us as the ideal partner for programs to improve the performance of the Automotive Networks.
Dealers expect leadership from Manufacturers – clear choices of priorities, and help in carrying out practical solutions.
In this context, an independent and expert third Party may give valuable help.

The solutions developed by Quadra in years of work alongside over 100 dealers from different Brands are distilled into specific programs aimed for example at improving Dealer commercial and profit performance, or Customer satisfaction, or Dealer compliance to Manufacturer's management and operational standards and financial turnaround, or to systematic assistance in the critical path to Dealer generational succession.