brasile energia

With current Exploration and Production operations of an enormous scale, Brazil is reassessing its "Proven Reserves" year after year.
The investment plan set in motion by the underwater "pre-sal" finds summons investments and demand for technology on an unprecedented scale.

The country is also a key player in renewable sources, with Itaipu Binacional - one of the planet's largest Hydro-electric generation plants – aside of a dense network of "Mini-Hydro" units, a first-class biofuel industry and strong investment growth in wind and solar installations.

The energy market, liberalized in the late '90s, includes continental giants in size, but also a network of companies, listed or not – some of them with high vitality and profitability.

Nevertheless, a growing demand for energy often outstrips supply and blackouts are still frequent especially in large metropolitan. Two upcoming global commitments – the Football World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in '16 – with all the infrastructure development they attract, imply an even greater stress on energy infrastructure.

The Country is gearing up for the challenges of present and future: it offers many important opportunities for new entrants who can provide technology and service capabilities.