A Nation of 200 million individuals, growing more than 1% per year: the Brazilian Mass Grocery Market exceeds 70 bln USD in value and keeps expading healthily.
In this context, the upward shift in the mix of consumption follows the increase in importance and average income of the middle class.

Brazilian food habits, largely based on starchy foods and meat, owe a lot to Mediterranean cuisine – this opens up opportunities for the Italian Food Industry.
However, the promising Brazilian market should be dealt with preparation and knowledge of key market regulations – for instance, in terms of consumer protection and product certification and liability.
Brazilian distribution has reached a US-type structure, especially in large Metro areas, with world-class mass retailers such as Pão de Açúcar, Carrefour and Wal-Mart and a number of professionally managed mini-chains, segmented operators as well as specialists of the Cash & Carry, Food Service and HoReCa segments.

Import duties tend to discourage import of low-margin products: capital Joint Ventures or outright Acquisition often prove the best option for a successful market entry. A rich and developed Agribusiness offers many opportunities to supply to that effect.

A structured approach to the market is the foundation for success.