Components, Garage Equipment Manufacturers


Ever since "global sourcing" became standard Industry lingo, what Automakers once called suppliers have become true Partners, working seamlessly with OEM's from product design and development all the way to industrial investment and integrated logistics management.

OEM's industrial sites are normally surrounded by the Supplier's plants. Investment decisions are critically coordinated, with Suppliers bearing the burden of their own R&D.

Such investment must be put to good use in the Aftermarket channel, in addition to OEM supplies: here is one of the sources of complexity.

In the field of Garage Equipment, independence from the OEM is near-total – but there remains a need to coordinate in terms of technologies and products.

Quadra's contribution is grounded on an extensive experience in assisting Component Makers and Garage Equipment specialists in enhancing marketing and distribution performance, and establishing a solid Market base for entry into Brazil.