Industrial, ICT, Finance


Investment in technology and industrial structures in the Automotive Industry is measured in the order of Billions of Dollars or Euros –investment that goes into products of high unit value and short life cycle, aimed at informed and fickle consumers.

Automotive information systems are required to support management control of an tangld web of suppliers, factories, logistic systems and Dealers: a variety of interfaces requiring real time, effective control at every point in the system.
Finance and leverage goes into every element of the chain, requiring specific organizational and product approaches of Banks and Captive Credit units.
Floor Financing, consumer Credit and Leasing combine with Fleet Management, Long-Term Leasing and Renting in creating economic clusters of such relevant size that they take on the features of separate Industries to themselves.

The Quadra team supports Manufacturers and Financial Companies in the development of service solutions, product and operational standards appropriate to the different competitive conditions and market.