A powerful, complex, articulated Industrial sector, bound to global scale: the automotive sector's fate is tuned to the paradigm of scale.
Scale of production and sales volumes needed to absorb investments in technology and equipment, whose huge size is emphasized by the need for constant renewal under the impulse of an ever-shorter product life cycle.

The Automotive Industry involves thousands of actors: from multinational OEM's with global development centers down to specialists focused on specific technologies.
The pace of evolution of the Industry has not ceased to accelerate since Karl Benz began to move his first prototype – the organizational and financial resources that need to be committed to the competitive race are huge and growing.

Since the financial crash of 2008, the Automotive Industry has entered a new phase of even higher competitive pressure.
De-leveraging and fast growth in the emerging markets have reshaped the arena: consolidated actors were caught off balance by a major center-of-gravity shift which favours new entrants and those who have developed strong bridgeheads in growth areas. The struggle for survival is reaching new heights. Volume, size – the paradigm of all time – are now even more crucial.
The Automotive Value Chain is made up of many links: Quadra is a specialist in Automtive Distribution, Components and Garage Equipment.

In decades of structural change, Automotive OEM's have broken down their business model, in pursuit of competitiveness and financial sustainability.
OEM's by and large restricted their role, choosing to directly control product development or any part thereof, the final assembly and supply chain management business.
Independent Dealers are an essential element of the chain, and so are Component Makers.

A long experience in the industry, in support of some of the leading Industry players, enable Quadra consultants to deply solutions and tools of proven effectiveness. Solutions that arise from actual operational experience, tools that support an effective management of change.