Among the most attractive energy markets in the world, Brazil expresses a steadily growing demand for power and a supply structure in which renewable sources already play a bigger role than the global average.

But the prospects for better-than-ordinary developments of renewables remain bullish in a Country with plenty of sun, wind, water and biomasses – and consistently supportive Governmental policies.

The Quadra team matured a solid experience at the side of industrial and financial investors, in project-assesssment and project management assignments in various Countires of Europe, and in the different technologies – PHV, Biomass, Wind.

Industrial and financial due diligence is key to the valuation of a project worth – starting from compliance with regulations and the possibility to generate CO2 credits, the issues that build Value in a Renewable Generation project are different and may be complex. Real Value comes from competent, aggressive assessment of the actual status of development of each project ina a portfolio: that's the job we do, alongside our Clients.