Client Service

We believe in specialization: at Quadra, we think we do some things especially well, and in these fields we want to establish ourselves as the "Last Mile Partners" of Italian companies in the Brazilian market and of Brazilian Firms in Europe.



We are specialists in the field of Automotive Distribution.

Quadra Solutions are grounded on the experience of years of collaboration with some of the Automotive market leaders and Dealer groups which have rewarded us with their loyalty.

Some engagement that the Quadra Team has carried out – and some Solutions we developed:

  • Development and Improvement of Geographic Coverage – analysis and planning
  • Dealer Profit Generation Improvement – analysis, planning and coaching
  • Customer Satisfaction Index Enhancement – analysis, planning and coaching
  • Financial restructuring of critical Dealers – planning and coaching
  • Rescue/Turnaround Plans of critical Dealers – operational and process analysis, planning and coaching
  • Process Audit and Standard Alignment Plan: analysis, planning and coaching
  • Dealer Organizational Assessment, Processes and Management Standards Redesign
  • Dealer Generational Succession: analysis, organizational assessment, development planning, coaching.

Garage Equipment

We are specialists in the field of Components and Garage Equipment

In Europe and Brazil, in the OEM market and the Aftermarket, we assited some of the Industry leaders in assessing M&A prospect, managing Acquisitions and post-merger integration, negotiating Joint Ventures, and enhancing Market performance.



We are specialists in the field of Renewable Energies.

In years of experience at the side of Utilities and Private Investors, we have developed a solid experience in:

  • Assessment of Compliance and Registrability of Development Projects in different technologies (Wind, PHV, Biomass, Small Hydro)
  • Assessment of Profitability and Financial Sustainability of Generation Projects
  • Business Planning for the different generation technologies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

CO2 Market: We are specialists in the field of Renewable Energies.

We are specialists in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Market.

We assist Utilities and Private Investors in the assessment and structuring of CO2 Emissions Reduction Projects:

  • Emissions Portfolio optimization
  • Development of a Sourcing Strategy for Allowances and Offsets
  • Analysis of the CO2 market and Feasibility Study for the launch of a Specialized Investment Vehicle
  • Emissions Trading Advisory



We are specialists of the Brazilian economy and context, we are Italians in Italy and Brazilian in Brazil.

We assist our clients in the process of Market Entry; we help improve the performance of local Market Units.

Our experience allows us to accompany Italian companies entering the Brazilian market and Brazilian operators in a European expansion plan, be it through internal growth or M&A.

Some Recent Engagements:

Entry Planning Advisory, in an organized process that provides

  • Market Analysis
  • Analysis of the relevant legislation (consumer protection, product certification, etc.)
  • Analysis of specific tariff barriers and customs barriers for products of specific customer
  • Analysis of Distribution and Characteristic of the Margins
  • Identification of Commercial Partners, organizing targeted with a Short-List of Distributors
  • Assistance in Site Selection
  • Business Planning
  • Establishment of local entities
  • Logistics and Customs Organization
  • Identification of professional support to the appropriate customer profile
  • Executive Search, Head-Hunting
  • Organizational Development

M&A and Joint Venture Advisory

  • Target Scouting and Short-Listing
  • Target Valuation
  • M&A Negotiation Advisory
  • Acquisition Funding and Analysis of Incentive Conditions for Investment in Brazil
  • Post-Merger Integration, Project Management.

Improving the effectiveness of existing markets

  • Organisational Analysis, Redesign of Processes and Structures
  • Executive Search, Head Hunting
  • Rightsizing and Operational Costs Reduction
  • Assistance in identifying media professional or administrator's legal problems
  • Alignment of standards and management reporting with the Parent Company
  • Business Planning.